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Тимур Аванесов - врач-кардиолог 29 лет.

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  • Тимур Аванесов - врач-кардиолог 29 лет.

    Вот и ЖЖ Тумура Аванесова. Ему тоже нужна помощь

    I know, everybody has their own problems and responsibilities, thus it's very difficult to find few minutes for reading a letter of despair. My elder son is sick with the acute leukemia. One month of treatment in a Tashkent hospital cost us $ 6,800. I know, all over the world, the prices for this special treatment and the medicines are extremely high. Doctors usually divide the course of treatment into several stages; each is about 2 million of Russian rubles, or about $ 58,000.

    After the last treatment, my son needs bone marrow transplantation. It is essential that this transplant be made as soon as we have money for it. In Uzbekistan they don't do such operations, so we are now in Moscow. No matter where we go, the price is approx. 100.000 euro (in Israel).

    My son is a radiologist by profession. Training to become one, he was often in contact with X-ray technology. He spent many long hours in surgery rooms during complex and unique operations made on blood vessels at one the largest scientific research and heart surgery clinics in Uzbekistan. Nothing seemed to go wrong.

    Like any other young man at his age (he is 29), he was full of life and hope. He started his medical career and was happy to have correctly diagnosed his patient’s illnesses. He was well aware of the hard work required in his chosen profession. In his third year of the study he worked as a nurse in the Intensive Care Unit. Later, he was an attendant in a special ambulance service unit.

    He knew the profession well as from the 3 year of studies he worked as a nurse in reanimation, and later for the special resuscitation ambulance. He tried nobly to make a good income for himself, his little brother and me. I am a disabled person and a teacher with a very small salary. After his father left us Timur became the main breadwinner for the family.
    This illness has destroyed all the plans Timur had built by forcing us to fight every day and hour for his life. But how can a seriously ill person pay for his treatment that would cost him as much as $ 200.000 US dollars?! His modest salary as a doctor in Uzbekistan is only the tiniest fraction of that amount. We have sold everything we could, including our apartment. But even the money earned from this sale will not be close to what is actually needed. Every mother would understand my feelings of helplessness in the face of this unfortunate event. We can still beat this illness with the proper treatment and financial assistance of others. Will you please help? The most important thing is that illness can abate if somebody would be kind to help us.

    I am grateful to everybody that has found time for reading this letter and sympathize with me in my sorrow and motherly grief.

    Let the God save us all!

    Irina Germanovna Avanesova

    Email: [email protected]

    My phone number: +7 (926) 058-55-30 (Russia, Moscow)
    My mother’s phone (Irina Germanovna): +7 (926) 041-49-63 (Russia, Moscow)
    - В этом гостиница Я директор!